Finance Your Factoring Startup with White Label Factoring

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With billions of dollars being generated on a yearly basis, the world of alternative finance can be extremely lucrative. Wanting to get a slice of the pie, or provide a factoring product to their existing clients, financial entrepreneurs are looking to establish their place in the industry by devising a startup business. Many of these businessmen and women are finding that becoming a factoring company begins with having a lot of capital. Financiers need to worry about having the funds to finance future clients. It can be complicated- it is not just about opening an office in a prime location. If your factoring startup plans run into a wall, Transfac has a solution — white label factoring.

What is White Label Factoring?

White label factoring is a program designed to help financial entrepreneurs get off the ground. The structures vary depending on the factoring company backing the venture. However, for the most part, Transfac Capital will assist your business with working capital and backroom support. As a business owner, the helping hand offered by white label factoring is invaluable. You brand it, sell it and profit. We service it with our exceptional team of professionals.

What Makes Transfac the Preferred Option for White Label Factoring?

Transfac Capital has been in the financing business since 1942. Few others have a longer track record of financing our nation’s small businesses than us. Additionally, Transfac’s leadership is comprised of experienced industry experts that know what it takes to operate a successful factoring business. When partnering with Transfac, your factoring startup won’t have to worry about operational functions, including:

  • Invoice posting and verification
  • Advances, credit, and collection
  • Lock box
  • Cash application
  • Preparing reports

Furthermore, Transfac can also provide the majority of needed capital to fund your clientele, as well as beneficial advice from our experienced executives. What are you waiting for? Transfac Capital is ready to help you join the highly profitable world of alternative finance!

If you are interested in Transfac’s white label factoring program, contact us at (888)222-2840. A member of our team would be happy to get you started down the path toward your very own factoring business.

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