Solving cash flow problems the Transfac way

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Recently, an owner of a growing staffing company had people he needed to pay; he also had a dilemma. The finance company he had hired had pulled a bait-and-switch, leaving him in the lurch.  When he heard about Transfac, he decided to do a little research.  It turned out Transfac was in his own backyard; after shaking hands with the members of Transfac, he made his decision.  He dropped the previous finance company, and contracted with Transfac.

“It’s been a great partnership…they have a great collection side of the business. All of the companies I’ve been with in the past say they have it but they never do anything…

…They’re [helping] protect us.  We have unlimited potential with them, and with a great funding company, that’s what you get.”

In addition to the traditional funding options, Transfac runs credit checks on all of his new clients, granting credit limits ahead of time, which protects the company while saving them time and money.

When searching for a financial solution, the most important qualities in your financier are stability, service, and price. Transfac Capital has been around since 1942. Our service standards have created the most loyal client base in the industry.

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