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Man Shot A Truck Driver And His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

LEXINGTON, Ga. (AP) – In northeast Georgia, deputies were involved in chasing a man fleeing in a car chase. The sheriff states that this man shot a truck driver and his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The case suspect is Ryan Edgar Arnold, 23. The shootings occurred on Monday in Oglethorpe County; deputies shot him inside a logging

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Are Bratty Kids The Future Money Maker’s?

According to Development Psychology, children with attitudes will be making loads when they become adults.The study says that unbehaved kids out-earn the well behaved kids when they’re all older. In Luxembourg, the study began in the 1960’s, went on for around 40 years, and included 745 people. Researchers examined how during late childhood, behavior can

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To Smiley Face or Not To Smiley Face, That is the Business Question?

Daily, you send out a text, a post, or an email. Whether it’s public or private, you’re sending out a part of you into the world each day. However, what if instead of written communications, you send video messages instead? Video messages are clear and simple; they’re a much more effective way to get the

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Slippery Slope For Small Businesses Employers

It’s Only Going to Get Worse for Small Business Employers   Recently, a study was released by the government that said that annually, about $10,000 and 80 hours is spent from small companies on federal compliance. These are definitely not favorable numbers. Here are some things to ponder on: Some new overtime regulation being discussed

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Another Trucker Caught Smuggling Immigrants

I came across an article on THV11  about a trucker who was caught crossing immigrants across the border. Marcus Randall Johnson a trucker of Arkansas, pleaded guilty this week for smuggling undocumented immigrants. Johnson was driving northbound from Laredo,Texas on Interstate 35 when he reached a Border Patrol checkout. Eight foreigners from Mexico and one

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Are You An Unfit Leader?

Throughout time, most people have seen CEO’s who are just completely dysfunctional; CEO’s who are bad examples, be cheapskates, treat their employees like children, or overwork their employees. These CEO’s are quite successful; they obviously had reached some level of success to get to where they are, but that means that most of them might

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Who Bought Challenger Industries Inc ?

The oil field services company, National Oilwell Varco, has a spin off company named, Now Inc. Tuesday, Now Inc. announced their decision to purchase a company that provides multiple tools, pipes, supplies, valves, and etc. to the energy industry. Now Inc. has said that the transaction is only waiting for the usual approvals; the stipulations

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After Spending $0, Mississippi Trucker Becomes Governor

Robert Gray,46, a truck driver, won the governor of Mississippi position on Wednesday morning. He claims to spending no money on his campaign at all. He states that he spent zero dollars on his campaign. He beat his two rivals with 51% of the vote to become the Democratic party’s nominee.Vicki Slater, a trial attorney,

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Are Women Making More Than Men?

The researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently discovered that in about 30 fields, female college graduates are making more or just as much males in fields that range from art history to engineering and to so much more. Research has shown that females are making 10 percent more than their men

Transfac Capital Names Tanya Fontenot Vice President of Business Development

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Transfac Capital, the Salt Lake City-based company specializing in factoring and alternative business finance, continues the expansion of its talented sales team by appointing Tanya Fontenot as Vice President of Business Development. TJ Gill, National Sales Manager for Transfac, remarked, “Having known Tanya for a number of years, we were

Transfac Capital Signs TJ Gill as National Sales Manager

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Transfac Capital, the Salt Lake City-based alternative financial services and factoring company, has strengthened an already dynamic roster of industry talent by bringing TJ Gill on board as its new National Sales Manager. “We’re extremely pleased to have TJ as a permanent member of the Transfac team.  TJ is an

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Are Student Loans The Reason We have Fewer Startups?

The younger generation of business owners has been declining for nearly two-and-a-half decades. Some economist…. believe that the increasing levels of student loans are keeping millennials from launching companies. The Federal Reserve’s Survey shows that households with more student debt are less likely to start businesses than other households. But student debt isn’t the sole

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My Job Sucks

The phrase “I hate my job” has become part of our daily vocabulary. Most of us have the ‘It’s not like I can do anything about it’ way of thinking. Here’s a few warning signs that you’re falling into this category, signs that will help you realize it’s time to move on. Dreading The Day.

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10 Tips That Help Identify Dishonesty

There are many times in our lives where we come across liars. Federal agent J.J. Newberry who is trained in the art of deception detection, shares 10 tips that can let you know if someone isn’t telling you the whole truth. “The key is to recognize telltale signs that a person isn’t being honest, like

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DUID (Driving Under the Influence of the Dehydration)

As temperatures rise across the country near and above triple digits, many truck drivers are in danger of heat-related illnesses. Scientist at Loughborough University in England have released a study that states that even mild dehydration while driving has the same effects as drunk driving. “Anecdotal reports suggest that many drivers avoid drinking adequately, with


7 Tips On How To Appear Like A Successful Entrepreneur

+You’re going to make it big one day. You’re going to be known? Your going to have power. All you need is a little bit more time…and it’s all going to come together. Keep it up, this is a great attitude! Your driven and want it, it’s all there, except for the reality. Don’t worry reality

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Are Robots Going To Take Over Oil And Gas Rigs?

I came across an interesting article on The Register about the future of oil and gas . The European Space Agency is bidding to win a place on oil and gas production rigs around the world. They have announced a robot to work in isolated and in high risk environments. Total’s Autonomous Robot for Gas

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14 Things Business Owners Should Never Do

“A person who is willing to work 24 hrs a day for themselves to avoid working even 1 hour for anyone else.”,Chris Guillebeau. Here are 14 things the best entrepreneurs never do: 1. Giving Up Is Not An Option The way to win is the never give up. Keep trying till you figure it out

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Trucker Slips And Wins Worker’s Comp

Robert Ziebarth a trucking was a manager at Blenners Transport’s Tully depot and has won his appeal for workers compensation. Ziebarth was injured when he slipped and fell while getting out of his shower to answer his work cell phone. Ziebarth was on call on March 21,2013 and was expected to answer if called. He claims that he had

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Truckers Are Told To Have Caution During Fourth Of July Holiday Week

CargoNet, a New Jersey-based security and logistics firm states that  for the last three years, the Fourth of July holiday week has shown a rise in freight theft. Their report states that nearly $11 million in losses, with an an average loss of more than $291,000 per occurrence. Many drivers head home while having a load

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