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Illustration depicting cutout printed letters arranged to form the word lies.

10 Tips That Help Identify Dishonesty

There are many times in our lives where we come across liars. Federal agent J.J. Newberry who is trained in the art of deception detection, shares 10 tips that can let you know if someone isn’t telling you the whole truth. “The key is to recognize telltale signs that a person isn’t being honest, like

Male driver hands holding steering wheel.

DUID (Driving Under the Influence of the Dehydration)

As temperatures rise across the country near and above triple digits, many truck drivers are in danger of heat-related illnesses. Scientist at Loughborough University in England have released a study that states that even mild dehydration while driving has the same effects as drunk driving. “Anecdotal reports suggest that many drivers avoid drinking adequately, with


7 Tips On How To Appear Like A Successful Entrepreneur

+You’re going to make it big one day. You’re going to be known? Your going to have power. All you need is a little bit more time…and it’s all going to come together. Keep it up, this is a great attitude! Your driven and want it, it’s all there, except for the reality. Don’t worry reality

Oil and gas engineer, worker, inside large chemical refinery, pipelines and towers

Are Robots Going To Take Over Oil And Gas Rigs?

I came across an interesting article on The Register about the future of oil and gas . The European Space Agency is bidding to win a place on oil and gas production rigs around the world. They have announced a robot to work in isolated and in high risk environments. Total’s Autonomous Robot for Gas

Trouble ahead, Businessman with umbrella standing in front of st

14 This Business Owners Should Never Do

“A person who is willing to work 24 hrs a day for themselves to avoid working even 1 hour for anyone else.”,Chris Guillebeau. Here are 14 things the best entrepreneurs never do: 1. Giving Up Is Not An Option The way to win is the never give up. Keep trying till you figure it out

work injury claim form showing business insurance concept

Trucker Slips And Wins Worker’s Comp

Robert Ziebarth a trucking was a manager at Blenners Transport’s Tully depot and has won his appeal for workers compensation. Ziebarth was injured when he slipped and fell while getting out of his shower to answer his work cell phone. Ziebarth was on call on March 21,2013 and was expected to answer if called. He claims that he had

Colorful fireworks in the night sky

Truckers Are Told To Have Caution During Fourth Of July Holiday Week

CargoNet, a New Jersey-based security and logistics firm states that  for the last three years, the Fourth of July holiday week has shown a rise in freight theft. Their report states that nearly $11 million in losses, with an an average loss of more than $291,000 per occurrence. Many drivers head home while having a load

Facebook icon blue, isolated on white background

Is Sending Money Through Facebook The New Thing?

I heard about a new app on Facebook that allows you to send money to others and decided to read more up on this. I found an article on Gizmodo that helped me understand how it works. As I said, Facebook Messenger now has a new feature that allows you to instantly pay or receive money from

Portrait of unhappy businessman under depression touching his head in grief

Do more jobs mean more financial security ?

The U.S has had a jump in job openings lately, but it doesn’t mean financial security for those who hold those jobs. Although pay growth is continuing to grow, many workers have few opportunities to advance. Many have taken part-time, temporary, freelancing jobs, with knowing it is low chance of them getting full-time work with benefits


Do You Have A Toxic Boss?

Most of us have at least one story about a horrible boss. Here are some tips on how to survive these five difficult personalities. 1.The Inept. Ever had a boss who was always confusing, with no face-to-face input or direct briefing?  It’s frustrating to work under an incompetent leader and most of the time employees

Infographic: How A/R Financing (Factoring) Works

Some people are often confused with the term “factoring” or “A/R Financing” and think that it’s more complicated than it actually is.  We put together this infographic to visually show how simple the concept of factoring actually is. This graphic shows each step of the factoring process for each of the three entities involved (you,

Tiny piglets

Free Range Bacon

Over 2,000 piglets escaped an overturned truck on the State Route 35 in Xenia,Ohio. Police and volunteers came together to help gather up the fleeing piglets. The piglets ran into a nearby wooded area and hid in bushes. An estimated 300-400 piglets were killed, the driver had no injuries but a female passenger was taken to

Spring meadow with big tree with fresh green leaves

Tips For Surviving The Summer

Summer is here! Whether you’re getting together with family and friends, or taking a road trip here are a few tips for surviving the summer. Be prepared. Admit it, summer is full of fun and random events. Well, no worries just keep a backup back pack in your car. Fill it with necessities water bottles,

Business woman in office isolated on white

Has Stress And Anger Become Part Of Your Normal Work Life?

Has the stress of longer working hours, clashing with co-workers, fear of losing your job and dealing with your boss caused you to feel angry in the work place? All this pressure can cause a lot of stress and even some hostility in the workplace. Stress is becoming one of the top reasons for  long-term


Is This Robot What U.S. Manufacturers Need?

A smarter, safer new industrial robot named Baxter that is six feet tall, 300 pounds could bring automation to new areas of manual work. Baxter has a pair of eyes that are amazingly expressive. The robot expresses when it is on task, looks concerned when it makes a mistake, and when finished it will look

Truck Border Crossing

New Proposal To Toll Large Commercial Vehicles

The Rhode Island Trucking Association is upset with the new proposal to toll large commercial vehicles. Lawmakers have proposed that they pay for repairs to states deteriorating bridges. The trucking industry feel that they are being unfairly targeted. Gov. Gina Raimondo announced that new the tolls would not apply to passenger vehicles. Raimondo also said

Creative business

5 Creative Tips For First-time Entrepreneurs

Here are five new options that many small business owners often overlook. 1) Private placements Find business and community leaders in town that you are planning to have your business in. You can also find such investors through online platforms. There are dozens of platforms to connect entrepreneurs to investors. When you do a private

Tanker Fire

A Trucking and Scrapping Company Goes Up in Flames

A trucking and scrapping company went up in flames in Cleveland on Tuesday. More than 70 firefighters and nearly a dozen engines were at the scene. Larry Gray who is Cleveland Fire Department spokesperson said that when they got there, the fire was already fully involved. Although the building is considered a total loss the

Towing Oil Rig

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating eight oil field deaths

I came across an interesting article in the Denver and West Post concerning some suspicious deaths that have occurred in Colorado, North Dakota,Texas,Oklahoma and Montana. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating eight oil field deaths that have occurred over the last five years. All of the fatalities occurred at crude oil production

Truck crash

Trucker Helps Save A Life In Iowa

Reports say 30 people were injured, but no one was killed in a series of fiery crashes last Friday . The first crash happened about 3 p.m. near Williamsburg, Iowa on I-80. Because traffic became heavily backed up. several oncoming vehicles collided along the highway. Luckily 53 -year old trucker Dennis Holcomb came to the

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