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Is This Robot What U.S. Manufacturers Need?

A smarter, safer new industrial robot named Baxter that is six feet tall, 300 pounds could bring automation to new areas of manual work. Baxter has a pair of eyes that are amazingly expressive. The robot expresses when it is on task, looks concerned when it makes a mistake, and when finished it will look

Truck Border Crossing

New Proposal To Toll Large Commercial Vehicles

The Rhode Island Trucking Association is upset with the new proposal to toll large commercial vehicles. Lawmakers have proposed that they pay for repairs to states deteriorating bridges. The trucking industry feel that they are being unfairly targeted. Gov. Gina Raimondo announced that new the tolls would not apply to passenger vehicles. Raimondo also said

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5 Creative Tips For First-time Entrepreneurs

Here are five new options that many small business owners often overlook. 1) Private placements Find business and community leaders in town that you are planning to have your business in. You can also find such investors through online platforms. There are dozens of platforms to connect entrepreneurs to investors. When you do a private

Tanker Fire

A Trucking and Scrapping Company Goes Up in Flames

A trucking and scrapping company went up in flames in Cleveland on Tuesday. More than 70 firefighters and nearly a dozen engines were at the scene. Larry Gray who is Cleveland Fire Department spokesperson said that when they got there, the fire was already fully involved. Although the building is considered a total loss the

Towing Oil Rig

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating eight oil field deaths

I came across an interesting article in the Denver and West Post concerning some suspicious deaths that have occurred in Colorado, North Dakota,Texas,Oklahoma and Montana. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating eight oil field deaths that have occurred over the last five years. All of the fatalities occurred at crude oil production

Truck crash

Trucker Helps Save A Life In Iowa

Reports say 30 people were injured, but no one was killed in a series of fiery crashes last Friday . The first crash happened about 3 p.m. near Williamsburg, Iowa on I-80. Because traffic became heavily backed up. several oncoming vehicles collided along the highway. Luckily 53 -year old trucker Dennis Holcomb came to the


Are you ready for the Generation Z ?

Are you ready for the Generation Z ? GenZ-ers were born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This generation is growing up peak of technological advancement and innovation. Sleek laptops, smartphones,and the ability to connect via online is the norm. GenZ-ers are tech-savvy, vocal, and adaptable. But with all that time online have they


Freightliner Inspiration Hits the Road

Freightliner Inspiration is the truck everyone is talking about. Wofgang Bernand and Nevada governor Brian Sandoval claim that this driverless semi-truck will be safer, cheaper, and better for the planet. This teched-up version of the Daimler 18-wheeler will be sold around the world. “There’s a clear need for this generation of trucks, and we’re the pioneers

Worker hands on steering wheel

Trucker Shot And Truck Trailer Hijacked

I came across an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about a hijacked truck trailer. Police are on the search for two suspects who shot a 43 year old truck driver Warren Hardie and stole his tractor trailer. The 18 wheeler was full of furniture. The two suspects armed with a handgun and a sledge

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Are You a Boss or A Leader?

Most people think the words “boss” and “leader” are identical, but they  are extremely different.  I came across an article on Entrepreneur that can help you become a leader rather than a boss. First ask yourself if you see your team as an annoying necessity that you are forced to put up with in order

Male robot head in profile.

Living Among Robots?

Although Abraham Lincoln helped put an end to slavery, in about 10 years we will have domestic helpers in our homes again.  We all dream of having a butler or a maid to help with our household chores. As we all know, technology is amazing. We constantly have new things introduced to us that help

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How to fly below the radar in search of a new job?

Most of us think it’s wise to keep our job search secret from our current boss. What if they find out your looking for something better? Will they think you’re not motivated to do your best anymore? Will they start treating you different? But what if your boss realizes that there is a possibility of

Verchromter Truck

Oil Comapny and Trucker charged in the death of Brad Griffitt

Six months ago Brad Griffitt a construction worker was hit by a tanker truck. Griffitt was born in Holland and was only 40 years old.  Griffitt was walking along the road with Dan Bethany.Bethany was injured and treated. Mike S. Barr,47  fell asleep at the wheel after working excessive hours. His charges include aggravated vehicular


Do You Struggle Getting What You Want?

Everyone wants something. The hard part is figuring out the best way to get it. Most importantly think about what you want before you actually ask for it. Most of us fail to get what we because we are to afraid to ask for it. Here’s a few tips on how get what you want

group of business people at meeting

Are You Trying To Figure Out How TO Fire An Employee ?

Firing an empolyee is always hard. Do you often wonder if you should’ve given them another chance? Being the desicion maker of a company isn’t always fun.  If an employee isnt meeting the standards of your business,it’s them for them to go . Here are a few tips on how to fire someone in a more positvie

Worker hands on steering wheel

Trucker Wins Grand Prize

Last month Roger Errett won the grand prize of Mid America Trucking Show. The Dayton tires competition was held in Louisville ,Ky. Eight participants competed. The only rule was that they needed to eat as much as they could, and eat all of the meat from each chicken wing Errett devoured almost three pounds of bone-in


U.S Jobs Are Facing Drastic Demographic Change

I came across an interesting article in Staffing Talk. The article talks about how workers 55 and older has doubled, and white workers are not the primary employees of the 50 highest paying jobs. With the growing diversity population in America the workplace is changing. Changes in age, gender, and race/ethnicity are filling in the workplace. -The amount


More Anxiety For Oil And Gas Companies

Banks are starting to adjust credit limits due to the dropping price of crude oil. Companies are facing cuts on their borrowing base. This is causing major stress on oil and gas business. If things do not get better ,some companies may have to file for bankruptcy. Some people have already started putting their assets up

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Is trucking one of the unhealthiest professions in America?

Being behind the wheels for long hours at a time can be hard on your body. Stopping for fast food,  rest stop meals ,sitting for hours, and being sleep deprived is one of the most unhealthiest jobs out there. 3.5 million truck drivers rank high on the obesity charts.But Siphiwe Baleka who is 43 years old

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3 Clever Ways To Deliver An Awesome 3 Minute Pitch

Coming up with the perfect pitch is extremely important, but may be very stressful. Here’s three basic ideas to frame your pitch and and become comfortable with the situation that you may find yourself in. 1. Get them to notice you. The main objective is to persuade your audience to want to know more,to show

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