Services We Provide

Accounts Receivable Management

Transfac offers its Accounts Receivable Management Services at no extra cost to all of our borrowing clients.

Freight Funding Program

Fund My Freight offers you credit protection, high advance rates and a quick and an easy funding process.

Fuel Card Program

Transfac Capital has worked out fuel discounts with most major chains across America.

Staffing Services Financing

We have been delivering reliable financing solutions to growing staffing and consulting companies for years.

Private Label Factoring

Transfac provides both funding and backroom support for small and startup factoring companies.

Bridge Financing

We welcome collaboration with investment bankers and venture capitalists for an asset-based solution.

Recent Blog Articles


More Anxiety For Oil And Gas Companies

Banks are starting to adjust credit limits due to the dropping price of crude oil. Companies are facing cuts on their borrowing base. This is causing major stress on oil and gas business. If things do not get better ,some companies may have to file for bankruptcy. Some people have already started putting their assets up

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Is trucking one of the unhealthiest professions in America?

Being behind the wheels for long hours at a time can be hard on your body. Stopping for fast food,  rest stop meals ,sitting for hours, and being sleep deprived is one of the most unhealthiest jobs out there. 3.5 million truck drivers rank high on the obesity charts.But Siphiwe Baleka who is 43 years old

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3 Clever Ways To Deliver An Awesome 3 Minute Pitch

Coming up with the perfect pitch is extremely important, but may be very stressful. Here’s three basic ideas to frame your pitch and and become comfortable with the situation that you may find yourself in. 1. Get them to notice you. The main objective is to persuade your audience to want to know more,to show

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12,000 Deaths A Year Are Due To Workplace Stress

We all know that the workplace can be a stressful environment. 12,000 deaths are due to workplace stress. But the main stressors are not what you think they are. Lacking health insurance is the number one cause for stress. Study shows that 90% of employees report physical health problems if they are feeling stress from

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Fast moving truck

The Story Behind The Amtrak Crash And The Trucker’s Past

Trucking companies can hire drivers with a criminal past as long as their violations were’t while driving a truck. But as it turns out the truck driver that was involved in the Amtrak passenger train crash on Monday is a convicted felon and has a past full of traffic violations. Unfortunately the crash injured 55

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the red truck

Experts Are Questioning The Suspicious Conditions Behind $5M Gold Bar Cargo Theft

Specialist are investigating a cargo theft of $5M that happened earlier this week. The two truck drivers are now under investigation because  what they claim to have happen is to suspicious. They made an unplanned stop and claim that they left their guns in inside the truck. This is against the rule of their carriers Transvalue . Also in their

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