Services We Provide

Accounts Receivable Management

Transfac offers its Accounts Receivable Management Services at no extra cost to all of our borrowing clients.

Freight Funding Program

Fund My Freight offers you credit protection, high advance rates and a quick and an easy funding process.

Fuel Card Program

Transfac Capital has worked out fuel discounts with most major chains across America.

Staffing Services Financing

We have been delivering reliable financing solutions to growing staffing and consulting companies for years.

Private Label Factoring

Transfac provides both funding and backroom support for small and startup factoring companies.

Bridge Financing

We welcome collaboration with investment bankers and venture capitalists for an asset-based solution.

Recent Blog Articles

police car blur effect in american city present at crime scene

Man Shot A Truck Driver And His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

LEXINGTON, Ga. (AP) – In northeast Georgia, deputies were involved in chasing a man fleeing in a car chase. The sheriff states that this man shot a truck driver and his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The case suspect is Ryan Edgar Arnold, 23. The shootings occurred on Monday in Oglethorpe County; deputies shot him inside a logging

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studio shot of a young woman having problem educate knelling and begging her child on studio isolated backgroun

Are Bratty Kids The Future Money Maker’s?

According to Development Psychology, children with attitudes will be making loads when they become adults.The study says that unbehaved kids out-earn the well behaved kids when they’re all older. In Luxembourg, the study began in the 1960’s, went on for around 40 years, and included 745 people. Researchers examined how during late childhood, behavior can

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Business hand with email messages flying, concept of future technology in delivery of letters.

To Smiley Face or Not To Smiley Face, That is the Business Question?

Daily, you send out a text, a post, or an email. Whether it’s public or private, you’re sending out a part of you into the world each day. However, what if instead of written communications, you send video messages instead? Video messages are clear and simple; they’re a much more effective way to get the

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Concept of economic downfall with businessman upside down

Slippery Slope For Small Businesses Employers

It’s Only Going to Get Worse for Small Business Employers   Recently, a study was released by the government that said that annually, about $10,000 and 80 hours is spent from small companies on federal compliance. These are definitely not favorable numbers. Here are some things to ponder on: Some new overtime regulation being discussed

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mans hands behind bars in jail or prison

Another Trucker Caught Smuggling Immigrants

I came across an article on THV11  about a trucker who was caught crossing immigrants across the border. Marcus Randall Johnson a trucker of Arkansas, pleaded guilty this week for smuggling undocumented immigrants. Johnson was driving northbound from Laredo,Texas on Interstate 35 when he reached a Border Patrol checkout. Eight foreigners from Mexico and one

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Businessman admires his shadow more than him

Are You An Unfit Leader?

Throughout time, most people have seen CEO’s who are just completely dysfunctional; CEO’s who are bad examples, be cheapskates, treat their employees like children, or overwork their employees. These CEO’s are quite successful; they obviously had reached some level of success to get to where they are, but that means that most of them might

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