Services We Provide

Accounts Receivable Management

Transfac offers its Accounts Receivable Management Services at no extra cost to all of our borrowing clients.

Freight Funding Program

Fund My Freight offers you credit protection, high advance rates and a quick and an easy funding process.

Fuel Card Program

Transfac Capital has worked out fuel discounts with most major chains across America.

Staffing Services Financing

We have been delivering reliable financing solutions to growing staffing and consulting companies for years.

Private Label Factoring

Transfac provides both funding and backroom support for small and startup factoring companies.

Bridge Financing

We welcome collaboration with investment bankers and venture capitalists for an asset-based solution.

Recent Blog Articles

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Are You Trying To Effectively Launch A New Product ?

Even though you may feel excited to launch your new product or services, holding off temporarily might be the better idea. Ask yourself if it will meet all of the needs that you are promising. If you notice that it is  lacking something, taking the time to better develop the product is the intelligent thing to do.

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Are You Always Saying Sorry? Here Why This Isn’t Good For Your Company.

1. Being to apologetic  can change how your customers view your business. Having a great relationship with your clients is important. If your empolyees are apologizing constantly, it lowers your business credibility. Customers should not feel like they can be put in all the decision making. Creating a equal and respectful relationships is the only way

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Being Socially Awkward Does Not Help Your Business

The words networking and being social awkward are not a good combination. Are you struggling to make business connections? Trying to overcome that awkward small talk and leave an impression at the same time ? Let’s face it standing there as silent as possible is not going to make you any valuable connections in your

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Transfac Capital Names Duran to Business Development Team

Transfac Capital, a specialty finance company providing B2B accounts receivable financing  to companies as small as a start-up and as large as a company generating $6 million in sales per month, announced Michelle Duran has returned as a vice president of business development based at the company’s corporate headquarters.  Duran has been a commercial finance

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Transfac Capital Announces Addition to B2B Inside Sales Group

Long-Established Accounts Receivable Financing Company Strengthens Business Development Salt Lake City, UT – February 25, 2015 Transfac Capital, Inc., a specialty finance company providing B2B accounts receivable financing to companies as small as a start-up and as large as a company generating 6 million in sales per month, announced today that Michelle Duran has returned

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Is A Former Employee Spreading Rumors About Your Company ?

It can be frustrating when a former employee is trying to spread gossip about your company. Trying prevent the person of spreading rumors throughout the rest of your employees isn’t going to help. It will actually make it look like you may have something to hide.  Most of your employees will be bothered by  the constant trash-talking

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