Providing fast, flexible specialty finance solutions is only half the Transfac story.

Growing companies in need of a small business loan for improved cash flow have been relying on Transfac Capital since 1942.  We put our experience to work everyday helping small- and medium-sized companies to expand their businesses, protect and increase their liquidity, and achieve their strategic growth objectives. 


Transfac's creative factoring and asset-based financing solutions provide companies with the working capital they need to pursue their goals.  We are the solution for both those companies who may not be able to obtain adequate financing from a bank; and for even those who are very profitable, but having difficulty managing the timing of cash inflows and outflows. In either case, our reliable service provides clients with improved, consistent cash flow, while our credit and collection professionals can help manage accounts receivable, freeing business owners to focus on building their businesses.


It is no wonder we have the most loyal clients in the industry.  Find out how Transfac’s experience, integrity and reliability can go to work for you today.


At Transfac, we believe in long-term solutions for you. If you’re in business for the long run, we’re here to help you grow.  Transfac traces its roots to excellence in accounts receivable funding, business credit risk assessment, and accounts receivable...

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With so many companies offering “Specialty Financing” services, why turn to Transfac Capital?  Our specialty finance experience spans 70+ years Fast, easy qualification Advance rates up to 90% Flexible pricing options with no hidden...

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Transfac has over 70 years of factoring experience serving a broad range of industries.  We can provide specialty financing for virtually any small and mid-sized company that has receivables.   Our team of  financial service professionals draw upon their...

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