Services We Provide

Accounts Receivable Management

Transfac offers its Accounts Receivable Management Services at no extra cost to all of our borrowing clients.

Freight Funding Program

Fund My Freight offers you credit protection, high advance rates and a quick and an easy funding process.

Fuel Card Program

Transfac Capital has worked out fuel discounts with most major chains across America.

Staffing Services Financing

We have been delivering reliable financing solutions to growing staffing and consulting companies for years.

Private Label Factoring

Transfac provides both funding and backroom support for small and startup factoring companies.

Bridge Financing

We welcome collaboration with investment bankers and venture capitalists for an asset-based solution.

Recent Blog Articles

Male robot head in profile.

Living Among Robots?

Although Abraham Lincoln helped put an end to slavery, in about 10 years we will have domestic helpers in our homes again.  We all dream of having a butler or a maid to help with our household chores. As we all know, technology is amazing. We constantly have new things introduced to us that help

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Client Testimonials

How to fly below the radar in search of a new job?

Most of us think it’s wise to keep our job search secret from our current boss. What if they find out your looking for something better? Will they think you’re not motivated to do your best anymore? Will they start treating you different? But what if your boss realizes that there is a possibility of

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Verchromter Truck

Oil Comapny and Trucker charged in the death of Brad Griffitt

Six months ago Brad Griffitt a construction worker was hit by a tanker truck. Griffitt was born in Holland and was only 40 years old.  Griffitt was walking along the road with Dan Bethany.Bethany was injured and treated. Mike S. Barr,47  fell asleep at the wheel after working excessive hours. His charges include aggravated vehicular

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Do You Struggle Getting What You Want?

Everyone wants something. The hard part is figuring out the best way to get it. Most importantly think about what you want before you actually ask for it. Most of us fail to get what we because we are to afraid to ask for it. Here’s a few tips on how get what you want

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group of business people at meeting

Are You Trying To Figure Out How TO Fire An Employee ?

Firing an empolyee is always hard. Do you often wonder if you should’ve given them another chance? Being the desicion maker of a company isn’t always fun.  If an employee isnt meeting the standards of your business,it’s them for them to go . Here are a few tips on how to fire someone in a more positvie

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Worker hands on steering wheel

Trucker Wins Grand Prize

Last month Roger Errett won the grand prize of Mid America Trucking Show. The Dayton tires competition was held in Louisville ,Ky. Eight participants competed. The only rule was that they needed to eat as much as they could, and eat all of the meat from each chicken wing Errett devoured almost three pounds of bone-in

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